Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So Carnivorous Mascots Are Apparently A Thing Now

or maybe just specific cheerleader-eating:

What really makes it hilarious is the completely dumbfounded announcers

But sometimes they like to diversify their diet with a coach or two:

However, you gotta watch out. Eventually people won't put up with any more of your devouring shit and will fight back:

Just thought I'd share that bit of weirdness with you. Also, it is time for a new banner quote! This one's a bit harder than Spaceballs. And now I actually have a prize idea! First one to guess gets a crappy MS paint picture from me of whatever the hell they want. Aren't you lucky? No cheating!

Finally, here is the official Green Hornet trailer, which manifested sometime last night:

Main thoughts:

Jay Chou is kinda adorable

There is no way in hell Tom Wilkinson and Seth Rogen could ever be related

Seth Rogen, though slimmed down, remains a baffling charming bastard

If I didn't know beforehand that this was a Michael Gondry film, I would not guess it in a million years

Christoph Waltz is in this trailer for like, three seconds, and he is toting a gun and yelling generically in all of those three seconds. I am worried. Nice new do' though.

And I now I sleep. Which has to happen sometime. This is Sugary Cynic, who now aspires to be a human Swiss Army knife (I'm working on "corkscrew") 'Night!


  1. http://mindlesscomfort.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/are-you-not-entertained.jpg

  2. Mystery Men! I think it was the Shoveler, wasn't it?

    And yes, I'd like to order some Cheerleader with a side of Cheerleader. Yummy! I'd really like to know what's going on in that suit when they get in there...

  3. Must be Mystery Men. Or something else. Likely.

  4. anon: gladiator reference! (...I think)

    Jacob: dingdingding! Winnah! Including the right character too, so go you. Pick a topic and receive a personal MS Paint picture I will draw hurriedly on little sleep :D

    simon: you got it, but not fast enough


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