Monday, June 14, 2010

Music Monday/Pitchin' That LAMB: Buddy Flicks

So I was thinking about the new Green Hornet movie, mostly because we're supposed to be seeing a trailer some time in the near future. I know next to nothing about the original Green Hornet, but was interested because it was going to be directed/acted by Stephen Chow, who was in Kung-Fu Hustle and is awesome. But then he dropped out and the role of Kato went to Jay Chou and Michel Gondry took over directing duties, which I find intriguing but also a bit worrisome. Don't get me wrong, Gondry OWNS. Especially Be Kind Rewind, I love that movie so much. But that's the thing, he does quirky, cute, sort of surrealist-type movies. And occasionally Dave Chappelle. Not so much comic book action stuff. But really that just makes me curious for it, and also Christoph "That's a BINGO" Waltz is the bad guy and I love that dude silly. But then the Green Hornet superhero dude is this guy:

Bad guys quake at the sight of his jew-fro!

I mean, he's not exactly threatening. He'd have to lose the chubby-dude shtick, bulk up and...what now?

Oh. Well that's not too bad.

Only time will tell, the trailer is supposed to drop sometime next week (I think the 21st) and then we'll have a much better idea of what the balls this thing is.

Moving on! Today's Music Monday is short and simple because I feel like it. For whatever reason, the score to The Last Airbender has been released ages before the movie, which is a bit unusual but I'm not complaining because it is so far the only thing about this abomination-to-be of a movie that has made me excited (apart from CGI Appa, he just looks so perfect!). James Newton Howard is the man, partnering with Hans Zimmer for the Batman films, creating the haunting score to Lady In The Water and also the extremely magical Peter Pan. And he keeps up his awesomeness that I assume he generates by feeding on orphans and the elderly with his latest of many collaborations with M. Night Shamalamadingdong, The Last Airbender. Unfortunately, even though it's for sale on I-tunes, they only have little tidbits up on youtube:

or if you're willing to skip around through 4 and a half minutes of this dude talking about framing posters, he has way more clips of the soundtrack:

Anyway, it's nice to actually be excited about SOMETHING having to do with this movie as it continues to violently molest the TV series without repercussion.

Finally, tonight I do my first LAMB movie challenge ma-bobber! Wheeee! (An excited whee, as opposed to the usual unenthusiastically sarcastic whee) So the topic is to pitch a buddy flick and I'm not really one for film pitchery but here goes...

Title: Zombies, Vinyl and The Mysterious Mr. F (Possibly shortened to just The Mysterious Mr. F for lazy people)

Starring: Preferably a cast of unknowns for the mains, Jude, Cole and Laura. And Val Kilmer as the voice of Mr. F and Candice Bergen as Great-Aunt Rachel

Directed by: Marc Webb

Pitch: Jude Meyers is a girl with a predilection (read: obsession) for the zombie film genre whose best friend Matt has been killed in a car accident. Grieving and retreating ever-further into her world of gore and brain-munching, her parents decide to give her a change of scenery for the summer and move her to her great-aunt's house in the city, where she meets Laura, a stoner with a love for all things indie: movies, music and clothes, and Cole, a quiet guy with a massive vinyl album collection and Frankenstein-turntable. Slowly but surely Jude finds less time to brood and watch Dawn of the Dead and becomes embroiled in adventures with Laura and Cole: trying new (usually illegal) things, getting pseudo-kidnapped by a flash mob of pirates and trying to discover the identity of the city's most charismatic and enigmatic DJ, the Mysterious Mr. F. From the director of 500 Days of Summer comes a dark-humored story of friendship, ghostly radio personalities and learning to let go of the (un)dead.

...shut up.


  1. Yeah, I was wondering about jew fro boy in the green hornet...but it looks like he came through ...thanks for posting this, I was just thinking about it, can't wait to see it!

  2. Stop telling me to shut up.

    Where is that trailer for Green Hornet? I need my Waltz fix, dammit!

    That pitch was awesomesauce, sir.

  3. MR F? Mentally Retarded Female? Or have I made a huge mistake?

  4. Writing Womb: the amount of times you've commented that I mention something you were just thinking about leads me to believe I have some kind link to your brain, which both horrifes and intrigues me

    Simon: It's an insecurity :D and I too am in need of significantly more Waltz than is at my disposal. And also thanks :)

    Unwashed: ...wha? :(


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