Monday, June 21, 2010

Music Monday: Pixar aka "I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry"

Bluh. That is my Monday. Though to be fair I didn't do all that much. Does anyone see the irony in that I have to be all nice and uniform-dressy as well as do a shit-ton of work and effort for the job that doesn't pay me, and get to dress like a hobo beach-bum, play with babies and screw around on the computer for the job that does pay me?

Anyway, before I get to the world of cuddly images and bucket-fulls of tears that is Pixar, Jacob and Ameer rose like champions with too much free time to my challenge to find a more hilariously ridiculous movie poster than the reigning champ on this blog, Day of the Dolphin. Here are their picks:

Jacob has gone the "subtlety is for sissy-bitches" route and decided on totally gun-toting insane. Extremely awesome.

Very ridiculous, Ameer. They look like bumper-copters or something. Also extra points for Connery-ness...Is that Roald Dahl's name in the corner? WTF?

Both excellent. However I think I found one that tops them:

Just take a moment and soak in the awful

Moving on! So, in honor of Toy Story 3 (which I still have not seen!!), this week's Music Monday is my top 5 favorite Pixar scores. I admit before listing them that I am extremely biased against Randy Newman. I cannot stand him. Now you know.

1. Finding Nemo by Thomas Newman. Before you ask, he's Randy's cousin. Little nepotism goin' on there, guys? Eh, who cares, it's nepotism of the awesome sort because Thomas Newman kicks ass. He brings his signature dark and moody style to the score, but still manages to keep things light and happy (it is still a munchkin's movie after all) but never succumbs to saccharine sweet, much like the movie itself. His music just manages to fit the setting and tone so well that you wonder how good Finding Nemo would have been without the score. (ok, still really really good, but not AS good).

2. Toy Story by Randy Newman. I hate you, Randy Newman. I hate you so much. You write the dumbest songs with the most insipid lyrics and your voice makes me want stab my ear drums with individual pine needles. But god dammit, when you keep your irritating-as-hell trap shut you can make some truly iconic and wonderful shit. Just listen to :49-1:18 of this and tell me you don't get nostalgia goose-bumps.

3. Up by Michael Giacchino. Joining the cult of Pixar score writers (which admittedly was just Newman 1 and Newman 2) Giacchino started with The Incredibles and did fine with that and Rata-I don't enjoy spelling that crap (the man's last name is difficult enough as it is). But the one everyone will remember him for, and what won him an Oscar, is Up. It's cheerful, it's achingly sad, it's exhilarating and crazy. The score manages to convey so many tones and feelings throughout the movie without becoming uneven or losing it's center: the Carl and Ellie theme. You know, the one that made you (me) cry in the theater like a weenie? ...I think I might start hating Michael Giacchino.

*sniffle* you bastard!

4. WALL-E by Thomas Newman. Why hello, Mr. Newman! Back again already? And with a score that not only has to evoke the emotion and mood of the story but also make up for the fact there is practically no dialogue for 80% of thee movie, therefore having to convey the thoughts and feelings of our main characters through the magic of music? How thoughtful of you! (For reals, he was given the insane job of having to flesh out the adventures of a mostly silent protagonist and he succeeds beautifully)

5. The Incredibles by Michael Giacchino. I admit it: I am one of the people who thought The Incredibles was just ok. Better than Cars but not as good as Toy Story or WALL-E. That and the message just seems confusing, "you can be a hero! but not really! just leave it to the dudes with actual powers...*amended statement*- if you were born with magical superpowers THEN you can be a hero! But not too much of one, then you are just showing off" wha? But credit where credit is due: the score is fantastic and sticks tight to that sort of "bongos-1950's" style thingy that fits with the movie's overall retro feel but never feels restricted to that style. It's one of those scores that really helps set the tone of the movie.

And there you have it! Now I need a tissue. Before I go off to do battle with evil zombie vikings (they refuse to relinquish the TV and by God if I have to watch Rock of Love one more fucking time...), while there is no Green Hornet trailer yet, there is this:

Cons: Looks kinda goofy/run-of-the-mill, and Christoph Waltz looks like a cookie-cutter villain, which I hope is just trailer-ness cuz he's too cool for that.

Pros: Damn, Seth Rogen! What happened to Chubby McJewfro? I am impressed. Also Jay Chou seems really cool.

My interest has officially reached piqued levels. This is Sugary Cynic getting her viking hammer and saying good night!

Me: "If you didn't cry in Up, you don't have a soul"

Zeke: (pointedly clears throat)

Me: "I rest my case"


  1. Ameer (not Tohamy) speaking;

    WOOHOO! I got shouted out on your blog! thanks girl :)

  2. Can't beat the scores for "Up" and "Wall*E". Good picks.

  3. Damn you, Newman family. Damn you to the tearful Hell from whence you came!

    Like, go Kato, man. And Waltz, who I will watch chase llamas all day.


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