Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's A Reunion!

Sort of! Some key people were missing, big gay Jon among them who had work. But the point was that a bunch of us from high school got together at Gameworks and I won everything.

Tekken (many times)
Mario Kart
Indy Car Racing
The Moon Landing
Your Mom

etc. etc. and so forth. (ok, Izzy beat me at Marvel vs Capcom but I'm still taller than him so there). I'm really tired and stuff and I got museum in the morning. If I didn't catch herpes from the game controllers at Gameworks there will be a much better post tomorrow. For now, this:


  1. Woow someone's a little bitter, I also beat you at Tekken (chainsaw girl and Eddy) and Mario Kart....but its ok, im mexican and im a lil racist.....but so are you~ :)


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