Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Am Tired, Meh-y And Ultimately Stressed Out About The Future

In the meantime, please enjoy the proof behind my conspiracy theory that George Clooney is slowly but surely morphing into Sean Connery so that he may one day take his place:

He is growing his beard and biding his time...


  1. So I know you thought I was kidding/even ridiculous, but I think you should seriously consider coming to Korea to work as a teacher after grad. Contracts are only a year/2 years, and Japan is LITERALLY a boat ride (read: about 80 bucks) away. Seeing as you'd be making about 2000 bucks a month with very few living expenses (seeing as they house ur ass and u have no need for a car), you could explore Japan to your little heart's content!! Just...think about it, ho.

    Plus, I know you plan on teaching til you make it big in writing, and so actual teaching experience would be helpful in securing a full-time position, yes?

    ...Did I mention you could have a SHIT TON of money?! Where the hell else would you make that kind of bank teaching?!!

    And yeah, this is the last time I'm gonna try to convert you to my cult of "Korea is awesome" lmao.

  2. "Do your duty and a little more and the future will take care of itself."

  3. Ashley: Aren't the two Koreas ready to blow the living crap out of each other? Not where I'd wanna be right now (good luck with that btws)

    Anon: I can't even keep track of you wacky anons anymore. Nonetheless, good advice. Sounds a bit like my dad but with less swearing

  4. I hate that sidebar. I shall destroy it.

  5. does it really bug you that much? I put it up because I thought it was neat when random-ass countries like New Zealand and Russia popped up and also seeing what google searches brought my blog up. I only figured out where a few people were from cuz I'm a clever bastard like that but if it really and truly freaks you out I'll take it down cuz I dont want to be an asshole

  6. Well, I'm not in a very general creeps me out, is all, with it there for everyone to see.

    Of course, I kid about destroying it. ...

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