Sunday, May 23, 2010


Yeah, I'm bushed from work, ran around hawking t-shirts, selling membership, generally making an ass of myself. Got invited to go for drinks with the senior staff who are all like 25 and 26 and couldn't go because of that whole still-fucking-20-years-old thing. Still have a ragged cough even though I basically am better. My brother had his prom and graduates in two weeks, which makes me feel all old and stuff. (This young/old quandary is not a fun one). Watched a Mystery Science Theater (Werewolf, fucking hilarious). Please enjoy this chart I did not make illustrating the secret to Sean Connery's success as an actor and all-around being of awesome:

Also bear witness to Sean Connery traveling back in time to make sure his younger self drinks the right alcoholic beverage whilst blatantly disregarding possible time paradoxes that might arise:

Good night and watch out for time-traveling Sean Connerys of questionable ethnicity offering you Dewars.


  1. Seriously, go Sean Connery.

    You can just go to a bar with those people and have them order all your drinks.

  2. simon: nah, i need to get to know them all a bit better before they'll order drinks for me, give it two more weeks

    jacob: well obviously, it's the connery :D


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