Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So...How 'Bout That 101?

A general "wassup" to everyone as I settle into the triple digits. You may notice that the banner ma-bobber is different (or you may not, I might be you giving you too much credit). I dunno, the old was good but I'm tired of it and I feel like it didn't really convey the tone of the blog anymore. I wanted something silly and goofy and in leu of actually getting someone who knows what they're doing, I did it myself and will leave it there until someone goes "seriously, get rid of it, you embarrass yourself enough as it is." Til then.

So today I didn't have internship or my interlude job that I recently stumbled into. Have I talked about that at all? The community center/gym/whatever that my mom works at needed someone to fill in at the babysitting room helping this old lady who's been around since the South seceded mind the munchkins. Since the last girl they had sat on the opposite side of the room from the toddlers while making a face like this:

The figured they ought to get someone who's actually good with kids....(hint: it's me. I know, sick, right?)

Nah, I'm a sucker for ankle-biters, pretty much all the steady pay I've ever gotten has been from minding those little monkeys. They are cute as all hell but I've already gotten splashed with more substances than I'd care to mention. Either way, it's a temporary source of income til I can find a real job and this chubby little two year old hugged me the other day and they told me he'd never hugged any of the staff before so that was kinda nice.

"They say Sugary Cynic's heart grew three sizes that day*"

*Surgeon General's Warning: if you feel your heart is growing three sizes it most likely has nothing to do with warm fuzzies, happiness or a general feeling of goodwill towards mankind. It's probably a heart attack, seek medical attention.

Moving on! So, since I had nothing pressing to do, me and my mom, who also had the day off, went to the mall and had girly time in which we pranced from store to store, were frightened away from Hot Topic by the death metal dirge and Twilight t-shirts, spent far too long sniffing things in Bath and Body Works and then I got the most awesome shoes on the face of the planet. Ever. Forever. Ever.

Pictured above: Awesomeness, in shoe form

What else? My brother and I watched some more Wii Netflix (we can watch movies instantly on our tv through Netflix on the wii) it's official, we're addicted and we can't stop. Send help. We watched Dragnet the other night, a movie version of the cop show starring Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks. It's a cute, goofy movie but at the end they do a rap. A Dragnet rap. Performed by Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks. It is just as horrifying as it sounds. My brother went into convulsions of joy because he always jokes that movie end credits should be accompanied by a rap sung by the main characters describing the plot that just happened. Well, Dragnet does this. And it may have permanently scarred me. And by God if I have to be traumatized for life, you guys should be too:

Well, you can't follow that so I guess it's time to call it a night. Internshipping tomorrow and God knows what else. Maybe even rapping (There won't be).

(Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd are watching this reverend played by Christopher Plummer on the news)

Tom Hanks: "This guy knows God personally, I hear they play racquetball together"

Dan Aykroyd: "Well, just go ahead and chuckle away, mister. I don't hear God laughing"

Tom Hanks: "You will, once he sees your haircut"


  1. Those shoes are amazing. I must have them.

    Also, ha. Dragnet...

  2. this is an odd little blog and yet interesting too.

  3. thriftymomma: odd is complimentary, interesting even more so :D at the very least, thanks for stopping by


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