Wednesday, May 5, 2010

(Sing to the tune of the Batman theme)

Packing packing packing packing packing packing packing packing PA-CKIIIIING!

My world is currently in a state of crazed shuffling and god-awful box hoarding. My room is now returned to the cold monastic state I found it in and as soon as this post is over so goes Milo the netbook. (Yes I named my computer Milo, no you cannot make fun of me for it). By this time tomorrow I will have returned to my domicile and summer hi-jinks can begin! (What exactly is a hi-jink anyway? Are there low-jinks? Or just plain jinks? On second thought, jink on it's own just sounds strangely racist).

Anyway, not much to report. The campus is a hive of activity as everyone plays "last one to leave pays the tab" and I wait until the cover of darkness to load up my car because it has already gotten so hot that I sweat profusely walking from Dorm 1 to Dorm 2. And it's barely May. Wheeee. On the bright side, once I get home, something special is waiting for me...

Come here, you sweet, sexy bastard! No, no. Leave the suit on.

Hell yeah. Ok, but now I need to pack some more and find the half-eaten burrito from January I've been looking for. Regular posts resume on the morrow...most likely anyway, unless I get into some type of Road Warrior situation on the way home.

You know, the kind with leather chaps.

All righty, I leave you for the night with what just might be the most disturbing picture on the internet. Hide your children's eyes and look at your own risk:

I'd write a witty comment but I'm paralyzed with terror

One the eve of their departure from their junior year of college, some people would post reflections, memories, perhaps wax philosophically, but only at Sugary Cynicism do you get mutant Snuggies. This is Sugary Cynic saying "You gonna use that box?"

"The egg roll is just the Eastern sammich" -Me, to Val on the subject of sammiches and egg rolls.


  1. I feel bad.

    Snuggies are mutant blankets anyway. That's what happens when they have children (the Snuggies, not the wearers. That's a whole new ballpark).

    What's the difference between a room and a domicile? Because, if a domicile's an apartment or something, why would you bother having a dorm or whatever anyway?

    I do hope you kept Be Kind Rewind. And if you didn't, you could always give it to charity (ahem).


    Enjoy your nightmares!

  3. I love how this is written in the present tense. I also write my stories/books in the present tense.

  4. Simon: domicile as in my family's house. My internship's right by so it made more sense to spend the summer at home rather than get an apartment. And while I'd fight a bear only for my Indy poster, I'd certainly fight a blogger for my Be Kind Rewind poster :p

    Anonymous: I dearly wish I knew who you were because I nearly peed myself laughing at those pictures, the Total Recall one was easily my fave

    Debgirl: Thanks? I mean, it's in present tense because it's what's going on right now.


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