Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ok So It's Not Technically A Post

But I went to see Prince of Persia with the family of best buddy Jon (who has returned from magical NYC) but the showing was sold out so we saw a later one and I am exhausted and have work tomorrow so a proper review will be posted on the morrow. For now, all I'll say is that the vistas are pretty, the running and jumping is very nice, Jake's been hitting the gym and the results are lovely, and our two lead heroes have all the interest and charisma of wet toast. Alfred Molina, as Arabian Jack Sparrow is awesome, steals every scene he's in, criminally underdeveloped. Also what's with Disney swashbucklers and bestiality? Jack with the goat in POTC 3, and Alfred Molina and his ostrich in this. Weird. Ok, I need to sleep, please enjoy this:

And also, because someone has to say it:

I now admit defeat. 'Night.

"Did you know ostriches are suicidal?" -whatever the hell Alfred Molina's character's name was. Did he even get a name? I don't think he did.


  1. So... is there any wet toast in this film, or are you just trying to get my interest in it? The whole scenario reminds me of "The Scorpion King". Enough said.

  2. Metal thongs....they don't really protect much, maybe in some strange scenario of close combat... (This is Sacha btw)

  3. I think you're missing the big picture here. Namely...JAKE GYLLENHAAL IS THE PERSONIFICATION OF SEX IN THIS MOVIE!!!!!!! All else is secondary to his pure hawtness.

  4. What's that comic from? I must see.

    Donnie Darko's presence defeats all qualms.

  5. Jacob: I'd say its at least a step above Scorpion King (not that that's saying much)

    Sacha: As one who goes through life sans pants, maybe a metal thong would be a good idea for you

    Ashley: it's true, he is damn hot in the movie

    Simon: Ditto, but its still kinda lousy overall, also I think the comic is from Penny Arcade but I'm not 100% sure


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