Friday, May 21, 2010

Office Bitch Comes To Save The Day! ...But Mostly To Do Your Filing!

"Oh the inhumanity! Envelopes are un-stuffed, membership stubs lie about and files are stacked in a manner that can only be described as willy-nilly!!! What shall we do?!?!"

"Look! Up in the sky! It's some kind of airborne fowl!" "Nonsense, it's an automated flying machine!"

Of course not, you drool-spewing morons, it's Office Bitch! The superhero that does all the crappy office jobs that no one else wants to bother with, liking stamping passes, shredding old notices and chasing squirrels out of the copier!

"Oh joyous day! Office Bitch has come to save us all from wanton paper-cuts!"

"Mmmmyeah, Office Bitch? Since you're here and saving the day, I need you to go ahead and get those squirrels out of the copier. That'd be great. It'd really be fantastic if you could do it soon, 'cause they're starting to mate. Yeah, thanks"


ps. I win at Office Space references

pps. Gary Cole = one of the most underrated character actors EVER


  1. He's not underrated. He just brings back horrid memories of the soul-crushing office enviroment of that movie. Seriously, he gave me nightmares for weeks.

  2. Squirrels mating in the copy machine? Thank goodness for Office Bitch! She's awesome.


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