Monday, May 31, 2010

Music Monday: It's About WHAT?!

Hello lads and ladies, I have mostly recovered from my Scott Pilgrim-induced state of catatonia and it's time for tunes! This week's theme is songs that are deceptive. You're bobbing your head to the music, enjoying that catchy beat when-hey?! What was that line? This song's about suicide?! Oh God. Here are five songs that fooled my ass into thinking they were cheerful:

1. Little Secrets by Passion Pit. I love Passion Pit so much and this is probably my favorite of their songs. Then my brother told me what it was about. I assumed from snatches of lyrics and the general upbeat tone that it was about putting shit aside and finally getting some enjoyment out of life:

That little choir of angel-voiced munchkins? They're singing about coping with your depression and hiding it from others via copious amounts of drugs. Possibly heroin. Yeah, so go ahead and tap toes to this delightful tune of self-medicating drug addiction! (Don't get me wrong, I still freaking adore this song, it's just now it bums me the hell out)

2. We Intertwined by The Hush Sound. The Hush Sound has a ton of melancholy, longing tunes that are straight up awesome. But to balance it out they also have a lot of great upbeat music as well. After hearing We Intertwined a few times it's impossible not to sing along. It's so catchy and the lead singer sounds so darn hopeful:(one of the only videos that wasn't a shitty live recording)

It's about a guy who's got an awesome girl...In his dreams. Yes his wondrous love doesn't exist in real life and the lyrics state pretty explicitly that he'd prefer to live in his dream world than face reality: "I knew this was a dream it was too good to be true/Coincidences were a bit much too/Who wants to wake up?/Who wants to lose it?/Who wants to live in this place?/I don't, so I'll be sleeping in" Wheeee

3. Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol. I know, I know, this one should have been obvious. But I remember my parents used to play this song when I was a kid (my dad loved Billy Idol) and it was one of my favorites. In my munchkin naivete, I assumed it was literally about having to dance alone because he kept getting rejected by ladies on the dance floor:

Fast forward some years and ponder more on lines like "I wait so long for my love vibration and I'm dancing with myself" and it's obvious that the only dance he's doing is the one with no pants. Alone.

4. Foundations by Kate Nash. My goodness it's a light bouncy little song. And she has such an adorable British accent. What is this catchy and charming little tune about?

Oh, clinging desperately to an obviously failed relationship in which the couple makes each other miserable but refuses to end it out of fear that they will never find anyone else. Nice.

5. Cousins by Vampire Weekend. Actually, I have no fucking clue what this song is about:

Um...It's about...cousins? Fuck you, Vampire Weekend.

And that is all for tonight, be sure to come back tomorrow for: Steven Seagal, A Retrospective. It will be just as weird as it sounds. Good night!

"Our songs don't mean anything, we just fill them weird ambiguous lyrics and catchy hooks and people eat it up. All of them are just gibberish I scribbled down on a whim, or while I was drunk. And kicking puppies" -Ezra Koenig, lead singer for Vampire Weekend...probably

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