Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Music Mon-I'M DONE I'M DONE I'M DONE!!!!!


Ok, admittedly the end of my finals was not quite that epic, for one thing I wasn't wearing a kilt at the time. But more to the point, I'm done with finals!! I turned in my Shakespeare paper and felt a pang of loss in the fact that I won't be discussing Shakespeare and his intense love of genitalia puns anymore. Then I found this:

They also give a sassy gay friend to Ophelia and Juliet, go watch them, they're hilarious.

So today, after I finished my paper, my roommates had all just finished finals as well so we went to the beach and I found what can only be called a Shiv of the Sea. It it's long and sharp and pointy and I took a picture but Blogger is being INCREDIBLY FUCKING FRUSTRATING and is refusing to upload any and all pictures. I guess it drew the line at Mel Gibson.

Anyway, it looks like the lower jawbone of a friggin narwhal! (Wouldn't that be the coolest?) Either way, of course I took it home and now there's no pirate on the seven seas who'd want to fuck with me once I take out my Mother Nature Shank.

Anyway, I still have to wrap some stuff up at work, clean the black hole of infinite hellishness that is my room and manage to cram everything I own into the breadbox I call my car. And then of course there's the end-of-semester orgy. Can't miss that. Plus I'm finally breaking down and me and my brother are signing up for Netflix so you can expect a deluge of insane movie reviews coming your way soon. Not much to report today except I fell asleep on top of Val on the couch and it was a bit awkward because I'd never been the big spoon before ;D (That one's for you, Val)

As for music, apart from Voxtrot, who I am deeply in love with, the one song I've been playing like crazy is, appropriately, "Wings of A Dove (A Celebratory Song)" by the forefathers of modern ska, Madness. It's pretty much the most upbeat song in the world, and the perfect one to play for all major accomplishments, weddings, bar mitzvah's, etc:

Madness was a band that never really had to worry about taking themselves too seriously. Oh also, as a Sean Connery-related bonus (is there any other kind?), here's song that their frontman did for the god-awful Avengers film starring (you guessed it) ol' Sir Sean. Movie = so truly horrible but song = EPIC

Don't worry, you'll be seeing more of that lovely train wreck of a film soon enough. But for now, the siren goddess known as sleep awaits! It's been so long since she and I were properly acquainted! Ok, loony talk means it's bed time. See ya tomorrow!

Me: "Hey Val, we're spooning right now,"

Val: "No."

Me: "You're the little spoon"

Val: "NO."

Me: "Well, you're cuddly"

Val: "...Yes,"


  1. so i just had an epiphany: ur tagline is "sweetly bitter" and i thought to myself "like dark chocolate" and voila! u, my dear, are DARK CHOCOLATE!!! and henceforth that is what i shall call u. :)

  2. omg those sassy gay friend videos just made my day!

  3. Ashley, I'm fairly certain Sacha has already laid claim to that nickname

  4. My sister showed me a shitload of those sassy gay friend videos awhile ago. The Juliet one is the greatest thing ever, I think. In contention, at least.

    That made me smile, that last song.


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