Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I have been trapped in this friggin office for more than seven hours. I'm done with classes, work ended last friday, and yet here I sit. Partly out of a sense of responsibility and partly because I am terrified of the art professor and if I don't get her art show done she will kill me. I have literally done nothing else today so there is nothing for me to discuss except my wanton hatred and rage for all of humanity but mostly for the ancient, piece of shit mac computer they give me to work with that freezes, spazzes and just generally freaks the fuck out, making everything that much more fun.

So, rather than me go on about how I want to shoot everything that has ever lived ever in the face and then the crotch and then the face again for good measure, here are a bunch of kittens riding a roomba:

I must admit at times I really do love the internet.


  1. I was rather surprised to learn that this is actually a word when I googled it:

    1. the sound an epileptic cat emits just before regurgitating after riding on wireless electronic devices commonly found in a household, such as the Roomba.
    2. the act of spewing forth vile rhetoric when faced a dizzying amount of ass-fuckery from your electronic devices that are often unreliable or pieces of crap, such as the Mac.
    3. a refrained blog that would be much more fun to read if the author just gave in to her hate and let it out.

    It's true. Look it up.

  2. I would love to see someone tell the art 'teacher' off. Please please please record it when someone flips on her.


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