Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Life I Lead Is Not That Exciting

Sometimes I have nothing to write about. It's high finals season and I am kind of broke. On the bright side, it doesn't hurt when I blink anymore! (on the not so bright side I may be strung out on benadryl)


So, yeah, not much to write about, looking forward to summer when I can see a crap-ton of movies and regale you with my wacky adventures in destroying museum property. They sent me instructions recently about my first day and where I need to park and stuff, it all sounded weirdly CIA, like,

"Park on the third floor of the South side of building E, have your pass with you at all times, make sure to knock three times on the door. You will be met by a large Armenian man named Murray. Tell him the ferret wears a fine fedora, he will know what to do."

So that should be fun.

Anyway, to beat finals-mania, we all went and ran around in Cityplace, the only thing close to fun around here that isn't extremely illegal. Zeke tried to drag us to some riverfront that we never made it to. And we rode a trolley, Zeke whined and I made the queen wave to various people. If you unfamiliar with the queen wave (you filthy commoner) it's the emotionless, robotic wave that royalty is famous for:

You can tell she's a renegade because she's thrown in some mild finger waggling.

So mostly I just got weird looks from outdoor restaurant people we passed but one dude stood up and queen waved right back and it pretty much made my night. Restrained wrist movement and all. Delightful. After that we watched some of The Dark Knight at Akiva's apartment but started falling asleep so we came home. I prefer Batman Begins to be honest, because I love how they handled the origin story, but damn, I forgot just how good Heath Ledger is as the Joker, it's tragic that he's gone. I prefer to think of Dark Knight as his last role as opposed to The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, which is well-intentioned, but all over the place (par for the course with Terry Gilliam). Also Joker's lines at the end about him and Bats being "destined to do this forever" are made that much more fucking eerie by his death.

On that cheery note I must leave you. Tomorrow you will get Journals of A Sleep-Deprived Val, which I assure you are hilarious but right now I'd prefer to sleep rather than transcribe her half-mad scribbles. Something to look forward to. See ya around!

(As we hunted for this mysterious riverfront and I grew evermore cranky...)

Me: "Zeke, this stupid water better be the greatest water in the history of water or I swear I will stab you where you pee!"

Drunk dude at crosswalk: "Wow, you're feisty! *looks at zeke* You sure you want that?"

(this was even funnier due to the fact that Zeke and Akiva were holding hands at the time)

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  1. Oh, drunks. Who says they don't contribute to society?

    (by the way, I linked you for this thing. Sorry)


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