Friday, May 14, 2010

In Which There Is Nothing To Write About

So...turns out it's really hard to follow up cutting and pasting Sean Connery's head on Edward Cullen's body. Also, I did nothing but intern today and talk on the centuries-old, AIDS encrusted phone, and type on the filthy Ebola keyboard. I'm tired and cranky and have to be there at 8:30am tomorrow :(

Thankfully, there's this:

Happy Friday.

(also, only four posts away from the big 100!)


  1. Oh, am returning the favor. You need to go see this site. Say goodbye to the next few hours of your life. You can thank me later. ;)

  2. I have to be at school at 6:30 every day. And I don't get paid. I don't even get promised pay in the future, I just get a half-hearted reminder that the SATs are the most important thing ever, bitching about how budget cuts are going to destroy the world, and how China's going to rob us youth out of jobs. Or something.

  3. So, in conclusion, there are worse things to have than ebola AIDS.

    MST3K. Ha.

  4. Jacob: You've been out-nerded! Not only have I seen all the vids, I've read the comic

    Simon: To be fair, I did my time showing up at 6 for the academic hellhole that is high school, so there :p

  5. Oh, good. I just won the bet. ;)


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