Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm On A Snipes Streak

Apparently. This one's early and short cuz I have to be at work ridiculously early tomorrow for this expansion celebration thingy. It's gonna be a "tiny pastries, mayor making speeches, come pose by this shovel" sort of affair, so I haven't the faintest why my boss needs me there but one does not question Those Who Fill Out My Hour Forms. So, on the topic of the title, I ended up delving back into the world of 90's Wesley Snipes when me and my Dad were discussing the sequel to The Fugitive, ya know, the one where Harrison Ford is framed by the one-armed man and Tommy Lee Jones has to hunt him down and the two pretty much do this back and forth:

Anyway, we were talking about the sequel and my brother had never seen it so thanks to the glorious Netflix instant-watch, we were able to educate him.

The sequel to it is not much a sequel as a spin-off, focusing on the adventures of Tommy Lee Jones's character as he continues to hunt down guys who didn't commit the crime and also to not care. This time, the wrongly-accused dude is Wesley Snipes, who is a far cry from Ford's "everyman" because he has CIA training, but he swings from the roof of a building to the top of a moving train so that makes it ok. Also Robert Downey Jr is in it as a baby-faced FBI agent with shady ties and a regrettable haircut.

It's your typical cop thriller with twists and turns the blind could see coming. Here is a stripped down list of the good bits:

1. The Fugitive had a spectacular train crash. What could up the ante? Why an even more spectacular PLANE crash! (Seriously, it's awesome. If nothing else, this director knows how to stage large scale wrecks in a kick-ass manner)

2. Joe Pantoliano. Some people find him annoying, but for some reason I find him immensely entertaining. He's just always whining or doing something dumb and it amuses me.

3. The aforementioned swinging jump onto a moving train. Fucking awesome.

4. Every other word Tommy Lee Jones says. The man is easily at his best when he is being an irritated, fast-talking cop. As opposed to a lackadaisical, too-old-for-this-shit cop (coughcoughNoCountryForOldMencough).

5. God Dammit Robert Downey Jr, stop playing the likable asshole, we can tell you're a bastard the second you show up, but we still spend the whole movie trying to like you anyway, you charming ass.

6. Fight in a sand pit that goes hilariously awry.

7. Tons of great chases that are exciting without being unrealistic. (Not Ronin or The Rock good, but still pretty decent...and The Rock does strain the bonds or credulity but whatever)

So there you go. A solid three catapult thriller. Because I DO care, even if Tommy Lee Jones doesn't. That's all for tonight (or is it?) It's not! For all the Scott Pilgrim fans of the world, here's a link to a cool article filled with tidbits from the cast about behind the scenes stuff. Apparently Michael Cera can play music (who knew?). Ok, good night for reals.

Tommy Lee Jones: (looking at RDJ's fancy gun) "Got a back-up weapon?"

RDJ: "Never had the need"

TLJ: "Get one. And keep it in your suit unless I tell you to take it out. Get yourself a Glock and lose that nickel-plated sissy pistol"


  1. RDJ? A charming dick? What cockamany is this?!

    I've been on a Snipes strike since Brooklyn's Finest (which basically means not watching anymore crime thrillers from the nineties, basically).

    Dude, you check your email.

  2. Snipes strike might just be my new favorite alliteration. Also I just sent it back to you, sorry for the delay, meandering excuses can be read within the email

  3. Excellent comment at the end. TLJ is a hilarious badass.


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