Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hold Me Closer, Downey Jr.

Yes I just made a reference to an Elton John song. Also shut up.

So as you might have guessed if you possessed Holmesian deductive skills, I finally saw Iron Man 2. And despite my "Spiderman 3, too many plots and disco dancing, not enough things that don't suck" worry, it was AWESOME. Hell yeah! Everyone kicked so much ass! (Although all of Pepper's ass-kicking was mostly limited to the corporate sort). But holy shit Scarlet Johansonsenwhateverthehell was the SHIT. She beat the living crap out of everyone! I might have a lady-crush on my hands here. Also Don Cheadle made Rhodey work for him, building on Terrence Howard's portrayal, but giving Rhodey a bit more edge. And what the balls was trapped in Mickey Rourke's hair?! Also Robert Downey Jr. is adorable. There, I said it. And he uses Captain America's shield as a super paper-weight. Hell yes. And shit, I forgot about Samuel L. Jackson aka Captain Awesome-pants McEye-patch. Gaah, there's too much for my poor little brain, which means it's time for some hyperactive video antics! (Like I need a decent excuse to debase myself for laughs):

The audio got screwed up anyway, wheeee.

Yeah, that about covers it, four and a half catapults out of five for being straight up awesome sequel and also using The Clash's Magnificent Seven. (yes, I have a cut-out picture of Robert Downey Jr...didn't I tell you to shut up?)

Moving on, apparently I won a thingy in the "win a thingy" thing that seems to be going around. What sort of thingy? This thingy of course!

Awarded to me by that crazy dude Jacob from e-Loumination that apparently means I'm awesome (as though I need to be told). I'd like to thank the Academy, my singing coach Steve for always believing in me, my French poodle Jacques for peeing on the mailman, Sean Connery for the lovely pep talk he gave me back-stage and of course, all the people I've stepped on to get where I am, neener neener and such. Anyway, if I intend to keep my delightful JPEG award, I must bequeath it unto five individuals I find worthy, or at least can think of off the top of my head. And so:

1. Simon at Four Of Them. Blogging movies, music and a general sullenness for humanity at large, Simon always has something interesting to say and show and gives me hope for the future youth of tomorrow or some such (hey, you're the only one I know who I am fairly certain is younger than me, so :p) But seriously, he/she (pretty sure it's a she) rocks.

2. The Unwashed Mass at The Intermittent Sprocket. Another fine disavower of the human race (apparently hatred has a herd instinct), Unwashed was my very first friend on Blogger and is an all around awesome dude. Unlike me and my attention-deficit whatnot, when he talks about movies, he actually knows what he's talking about. Also his cinema pet-hates should be carved on a stone tablet and made into LAW.

3. The Morose Bee at (der) The Morose Bee. She makes CERAMIC MUSTACHE NECKLACES. I don't need another reason. She makes a lot of other really cool stuff too, like teapot rings and golden puppies (ok, not so much the golden puppies). Still, check out her blog and her Etsy, she's got some rockin' stuff.

4. Ron Reed at If I Had A Blog. I don't know who he thinks he's fooling cuz he definitely has a blog, an incredibly funny one at that. His posts are always filled with his wry humor and sweet Jesus on toast, I have never met a punner such as he in all my days on the intermanet.

5. Brenda at One Thousand Words Home. Brenda takes pretty pictures. Occasionally she takes pretty pictures of me :D but there are none on her blog :( ...Still, check out the pictures and blog of an adventuring roving photographer with an unchecked desire to explore abandoned buildings.

Also Jacob is cool (duh), but I feel like putting him on the list is like, re-gifting or something. So there. Calling it an early night tonight because that which is internship starts tomorrow. Wish me luck!

(Fury walks up to Stark, who's on top of a giant donut display, just chillin)
Nick Fury: "Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to exit the donut."


  1. Congrats on the award, you certainly deserve it!
    Can't wait to see new Iron Man! Thanks for the review!

  2. I will readily admit that I did not read the whole post. Less than a paragraph into it I was laughing so hard I had to stop to defibrillate...oops, sorry not your problem. I will finish the post.

    You have a brilliant comedic mind and write very well. I don't know what your major is, but keep it up and look at education (teaching) or writing. You are very bright and talented.

    Be well,

  3. I am awarded! I am younger than you! And I'm a she! OH MY GOD WE'RE ALL LEARNING SO MUCH ABOUT EACHOTHER!

    Sulleness is a heard thing, yes. ANd I demand to know who this Morose Bee person is, and where the fuck I can get me a ceramic mustache.

  4. I AM SO DAMN CLEVER I HAVE DISCOVERED YOUR SECRETS. Also, a link to her etsy should be on her page.

    Also Nakey and Ron (which sounds a like less than reputable children's cartoon) thank you for the praise, it brings warmth to my otherwise cold heart :D

  5. I'm totally not worthy. (And I don't have 5 people I can pass it to since most of the blogs I read are pros who will scoff at me!)

    As for awesome pictures of you, I tend to put them up on Facebook. But since you gave me this silly award, I will put one up for you (hosted from Facebook though so kind of low-res).

  6. What's an etsy? Who's page are we talking about?

  7. etsy is a place where you buy other people's crap online. her page=morose bee's, who you can reach through the link

  8. I posted nice stuff on my blog about you with photos!


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