Friday, April 23, 2010

Raise Your Hand If You Saw This Coming

Ok, so I had a date with a certain gentleman companion tonight, and we went and saw Kick-Ass (and holy crap was it ever awesome) and I have a headache and I'm all exhaustion loopy so really there were two choices: write a quick and shitty post for Highlander 2, or wait til tomorrow and make it the hilariously ridiculous post I want it to be, plus a review of Kick-Ass. I'm going with option two because I can barely keep my eyes open. So yeah, you know the drill. Also this:

Yep. Sugary Cynicism, the blog that goes there.


  1. I can't stop watching it, I think I ought to seek help.

  2. I am hoping for a kiss in the sequel. At least a cuddle.

  3. we can only hope...we can only hope ;p


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