Sunday, April 18, 2010

Not Feeling So Hot

So I had a blast at Disney yesterday, although it turns out that attempting to leap from the ride boat the prop ship on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is generally frowned upon (who knew?). We also rode Splash, Space and Thunder Mountain until my brains liquefied into smoothie and Zeke actually hit the score limit on the Buzz Lightyear ride, like seriously 999,999. Proving once and for all, that he has no life. And we saw an orange woman. Like, straight up friggin orange. She was just a bit too tall to be an escaped Oompah-Loompah so my theory is someone has been fiddling with her contrast dial.

Exactly like this. Only she was older, wrinklier and not Anne Hathaway.

Also we saw the "spectro-magic" parade. I have no idea what the hell spectro-magic is exactly, but I suppose it sounded better to Disney execs than "Shit-ton of LED lights"

Or, alternatively, "Light-Up Nightmare Clowns" seriously, those dudes were mad creepy

After that there was an awesome fireworks show that apparently had some kind of heroes versus villains storyline (don't ask me how) but I was far too distracted by craning my neck and going "oooooh!" to follow it. We made it back home by a quarter to three in the morning and it was not a moment too soon for me. I love my friends and I had a great time with them at Disney, but after 21 FREAKING HOURS I wanted to maim them horribly and was fairly certain they wished the same on me. Or maybe I'm just irritated more easily. Either way, if I heard Johnny sing one more thing I was not going to be responsible for any appendages lost.

Anyway, it was fun and all, but I think the Happiest Place on Earth gave me a little extra happiness to take home in the form of what seems to be a cold or somesuch (although the fact that I've had to run back and forth through the rain today probably hasn't helped). So I'm feeling kind of crummy but can't rest because, per the usual, there is papering to be done. So no Sean Connery movie today, sorry. I'll most likely make it up on Tuesday or Wednesday and Music Monday should be on schedule, all this depending on what my immune system decides to do, it is a fickle creature. So I'm off to have a cup of tea and write about the pitfalls of idealization in Victorian novels. Wheee. I'll see you tomorrow!

Me: "Johnny, seriously if you don't stop singing, I will punch you in the dick. Like literally clock you in the penis"

Val: "The empty threats are NOT helping!"


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