Monday, April 12, 2010

Stop the Mundane Monday With Musical Monday Mash-up Madness!!

Alliterative awesome for the win! Today's Music Monday is a tribute to the mash-up, where people, like some kind of twisted, Frankenstein-esque madman, smoosh together two songs, zaps it with what I assume is some kind of magical wand and awesomeness emerges.

1. "VMA Belongs To Me" By Cookin Soul. Well someone had to do it. It's a hilarious and actually really good mash-up of Kanye West and Taylor Swift, with a brief interjection from President Obama :D. Basically, it's what would happen if the two played nice and created awesomeness. And since that will never happen the geniuses at Cookin Soul stepped up:

2. "Feel Good Casbah" by Sam Flanagan. What comes to mind when I say The Clash? Most likely not the animated crew known as The Gorillaz. But Sam Flanagan, a mysterious man with a genius vision, somehow managed to put two and two together and make kick-ass, (I'm not good with math). It's actually pretty crazy how well Feel Good Inc and Rock The Casbah sync up with each other (whoever posted it on youtube mistakenly attributed it to DJ MTK):

3. "Clocks" by Rhythms Del Mundo. Ok, to be fair this isn't EXACTLY a mash-up, more of a remix I suppose. But it makes me grin like a crazy person every time I hear it so suck it up and deal. Besides, where else can you hear Coldplay with Latin Jazz? Exactly. It's all the fun of a melancholy Coldplay song with a beat you can dance to!

4. "Beat It/Day N Night" by Cookin Soul. Them again, but I feel totally justified in posting them twice because this song is amazing. Hell, the whole album is worth getting, it's Michael Jackson's greatest hits seamlessly merged with the likes of Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G. and even that irritation known as Li'l Wayne. It was hard to pick just one but their mash-up of Beat It and Day N Night serves as a worthy representative for an album of cold hard awesome:

5. "Dirt Off Your Bittersweet Shoulder" by ??. This mash-up is available to download all over the place but I can't find it attributed to anyone so I am going to assume it was a professional thing that Jay-Z actually did with The Verve until someone corrects me otherwise. This one is up here for sheer wtf-ness. Who in their right mind would mix these two things together? And how does it manage to sound so freaking good? I suspect gypsy magic, but then I always suspect gypsy magic:

That's all for tonight, see you tomorrow for ranty mcbitch day, as it will most likely end up being.

Zeke (talking about old people and technology): They'd be all like, "When I was your age, we used steam-powered computers!"

Me: ....That sounds awesome, actually.

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