Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Fell Asleep During Pirates of the Caribbean

Read that title. Now read it again. Now pull your pants down and ask me to call you Sally. Just making sure you're paying attention, Sally. As you ought to know from all the times I bring it up, Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my absolutely most favorite movies of all time as it combines my love pirates, Hans Zimmer and Johnny Depp in eye make-up that doesn't make him look like a pedophile with brain damage.

And to think I entertained the notion of never having to look at this picture again.

So yeah, they played POTC on the bus ride back from Disney, but after being up since 6:30am (coming from a girl who believes 9:30am to be the middle of the night) and being in the park for eleven hours, I couldn't handle it and passed out. The point of this is to illustrate that I am REALLY DAMN TIRED, we got back an hour ago and the only reason I am still (mostly) conscious right now is because I had to get food first, and I had to write this. So tomorrow you will get two, not one but two, count them TWO (are you still counting? God, you're slow) posts. One which will be the usual Sean Connery movie review and the other a portrait of the psychotic breakdown that was Disney world in painstaking detail. But right now, Cynic need to sleep. See you tomorrow, and to balance things out:

I'm developing a theory that Johnny Depp is actually two people, like a secret twin brother or somesuch. One really likes doing crazy, fun roles, and the other brother is obsessed with being a pale pedophile. I think I am on to something.


  1. Johnny and Jimmy might have something there.

  2. We'll know for sure if I get killed in a mysterious accident for knowing too much


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