Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Am Late To The "Why I Love Movies" Party

But based on the pages of my blogging buddies (heh, now I'm picturing a kid's cartoon called "Blogging Buddies!" they write about hip music and things and try to stamp out cyber-bullying!) I have discerned that I am supposed to say why I love movies in twenty words. Here goes:

Movies allow us to share and connect with truly universal themes...and also to see Christian Bale without a shirt.


Not much to say tonight, still papering, and all the more miserable for it. Ugh. Also now all I can think about is "Blogging Buddies!" and how I want it to be an 80's cartoon.

Bobby: "Hey, gang, great job adding wacky captions to those pictures of house cats!"

Laura: "Oh no! It looks like the mayor's going to pollute the city lake! What do we do?"

Alex: "We'll tell everyone and expose him! ...Through blogging!"

Everyone: "Yeah!"

(Group high-five!)


...I should probably get back to work. BUT, it's 1:30 in the morning and I'm desperate for comedy, so it's time once again for some wacky webcam fun! Only this time, without the aid of my heavenly vocal chords, so that youtube can't screw my audio up!

Friggin' Slinky (and seriously, what's with the gambling paraphernalia?)

Ok, I need to get back to work so blah-blah-blah-snark-snark-movies-dudes-awesomeness-swearing-sarcasm-picture-of-a-kitten. Blog-lite. :D Now for some failed fictional Victorian marriages! Night

(As I stood in the "cleaning supply" area for the "ditch your stuff for charity")

Me: "I'm a cleaning supply!"

Zeke: "Because you're so abrasive?"


  1. Holy crap. You really are animated, aren't you? Very entertaining, and thanks for reminding me why I should never consider getting a web cam (though I do have ways for creating video blogs... I just don't know if it can ever be as entertaining without sound). Anyway, kudos. Go Blogger Buddies!

  2. i doubt the purpleness of the marker cuz it didnt look very purple at all on my end. also, when u wave ur arms like that u look like a magician. the end.


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