Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hooray For The Amazing Benadryl Post!

No, it's not sponsored by Benadyrl, if I ever sold out in such a manner it would be something awesome, like fire-breathing toads.


In case the above nonsense didn't clue you in, I'm on the Benadryl and thus a bit loopy. Also it took me like five tries to spell "nonsense" correctly so that should give you some insight to my current mental state. Why am I on the Benadryl? you might ask, you nosy bastard you, it's because my left eyelid is swollen, causing me to bear a remarkable resemblance to Rufus Sewell, at least in the eye department.

Who, I would like to add, is still extremely hot. Also you should watch him in Dark City because it is one of the best sci-fi noirs ever. Even Kiefer Sutherland can't ruin it (and he does try)...what were we talking about?

Oh yeah, eyeballs. Anyway, my eye has been hurting for the past few days like somebody punched it and then I noticed the swelling on the lid. Weird. I had no recollection of anyone hitting me in the eye so I figured it had to be either I had some kind of infection or I was Tyler Durden.

And honestly, I'd be pretty ok with that.

So I went to the clinic to get it checked out, and after answering a battery of unrelated sex questions: "How many people have you slept with in the next six months? When did you first get your period? Why do fools fall in love? etc." The doctor lady checked my eyeballs and assured they were fine and that I probably didn't have the pink-eye. Which is good, because pink-eye sucks. So she told me to get some benadryl for the swelling and now here I stand...or sit. Because typing while standing sounds hard. Hang on (stands up)...Actually, it's not really all that bad. But I digress (sits back down).

Not much to put here today, I finished one paper so that just leaves Shakespeare and Stats since my French teacher decided to give us an imaginary final (I am serious). So, I was watching I Am Legend up until a few minutes ago with the roomies but for some reason I can't handle it right now and was freaking out very quietly during this bit with his dog. I won't ruin it but ever since my cat Lily died a few years ago, anything bad with animals in movies makes me think of her. It's really weird. And the stuff in the movie alone is enough to mess with you if you're in a vulnerable mood. I'll finish it eventually, I kind of need to.

What else? Oh yes, just the ROCK-AVATOR!! During final exams, 23 hour quiet hours are instituted in the dorms, with 7pm-8pm serving as power hour, when we are allowed to do whatever the fuck we want as loud as we want short of setting each other on fire (not that that stops us). So this year, thanks to intern Jeff's massive battery packs o' DOOM and a lot of heavy lifting, we moved the x-box and Rock Band into the elevator of our building and became a mobile unit of ROCK. It was kick-ass, we took on bewildered passengers, played Livin' On A Prayer and surprisingly did not get trouble...which is partly because we weren't caught. :D The lovely Brenda snapped a photo of me, Javi, Val and Jeff, except Jeff and Val were distracted because the video camera Jeff had mounted on the wall had fallen off and hit Val on the head:

Pictured above: ROCK

Unfortunately, you can't see our setup but we will most likely be pushing our luck and doing it again tomorrow, because the Gods of Rock demand nothing less!

Imma go sleep now. I wanted to talk about Roger Ebert and the whole "Unnecessary Death At A Funeral Remake getting more stars than Kick-Ass" dealie, but I need to be less...drugged. So g'night everyone, this is Sugary Cynic saying "pickles!"

"We need a sign for the elevator, 'please press all the buttons on your way out, it's hot in here'"-Val, on proper elevator passenger etiquette during Elevator Rock Band


  1. 1) Go Dark City. Woo.
    2) If you are one with the awesome pink hat, you have an awesome pink hat. A tip of my not-as-awesome top hat to you.

  2. Simon: I tip my hat in return, because top hats are pretty awesome

    Brenda: I would've linked your site but I was delightfully loopy and forgot

  3. Rock band in an elevator. Now that is Epic! I may need to see if I can top that somehow...


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