Friday, April 16, 2010

Everbody's Workin For The Weekend

It's 2:30 in the morning and I've had a rough week. What does this mean for you? Mostly 80's hair rock, but also a super-short post because I am tired and shit. It happens (rarely) and I choose to use it as proof that I am not some kind of android thingy. But if I was, I'd be the kind that could fight crime. With lasers. Coming out of my butt. Hell yeah.

So, I did Day of Silence today and actually managed to keep my mouth shut for most of the time, enough to beat Javi anyway, and that's all that really matters-er...I mean, spreading awareness, that is what matters. I'm still going to hell, aren't I?

Indeed, so says The Lord Freeman! And the third day did he star in a sub-par family-oriented sequel!

...Yeah, if that doesn't give you a good indication of my exhaustion level, nothing will. So, my life for the next few days: paperspaperspaperspapersDISNEYWORLDAGAINBITCHESpaperpaperspaperspapers. That's right, Program Board had leftover free tickets to Disney and me and the gang, as I have just now started to refer to them, snagged them and are going Magic Kingdom on Saturday, and I will ride Pirates of the Caribbean eight thousand times, and it will be most joyous.

And The Freeman said "Yarr" and there was much rejoicing

Yeah, that's pretty much all I can think of that is of any pertinence. Except that Javi got his computer hooked up to Val's extremely large television and we watched videos and also the Very Potter Musical for the billionth time. If you're a Harry Potter fan and you've never heard of the musical WELL THEN YOU'RE KIND OF A SHITTY FAN. Fix it by watching and reveling in Dumbledore's obsession with Zac Efron, Malfoy's descriptions of "PigFarts" and untamed bromance between Voldemort and Professor Quirrel:(There are like, twenty parts to it, I'm only putting the first one)

Night! See you tomorrow where I will be giving away fifty bucks! (I won't) or maybe a puppy! (Nope) possibly some gum! (Not even).

"Just remember that a portkey can be any ordinary thing at a football, or a dolphin" -Snape, Very Potter Musical

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  1. Disney World? Lucky bastard...

    Day of Silence was pretty awesome, considering every prick I know had to keep their mouths shut for a whole was beautiful...


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