Friday, April 9, 2010

Brief Whatnot (Good Name For An Indie Band)

Short post today, as I have to go to bed and get up sickeningly early for the bus to Disney. I like covers. Cover songs specifically, although covers you sleep under are good too, especially if they look like this:

Comes in large print for the elderly!

But I was specifically talking about cover songs, not the ones from tribute bands where they try as hard as they can to desperately imitate the band they are "tributing" while they try to stave off the crushing depression of knowing that their only talent is the fact that they kind of sound like this one band no one can hear anywhere else so they can still get work. Not that kind of cover, the kind where the artist takes a great song and puts their own unique spin on it, approaching the song from a totally fresh angle and making us recognize something in it we never knew was there. I love that. Sometimes(even though I know it is the deepest sacrilege) like the cover better. Like Johnny Cash does this incredible cover of Solitary Man:

Sorry Neil Diamond, but Johnny wins.

What I also like is how you can take the same song and give it to two different artists and get two incredibly different interpretations. For instance, the Beatles's immortal Hey Jude. When given to Elvis Presley, he turns it into some kind of lounge act:

And Ella Fitzgerald turns into jazz-tastic awesome (ok, I am a little biased towards her version):

But can you blame me?

So, in short. Don't knock the cover song, it just may help you learn something new about the original, like for instance that it would be twenty times better if it were sung by a tiny Asian toddler:

All righty, by this time tomorrow I will be informing you of all the crazed and twisted happenings that went down at the happiest place on earth! Night!

(When Amanda was embarrassed that her dress for graduation showed the fact that she did indeed have cleavage)

Me: "Chest out! Be proud! Have BOOBS!"

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