Thursday, March 25, 2010

Witty Title

Bluh, busy day. And yet, in the manner of most busy days I got little to nothing accomplished. Whoo, college! Anyway, my friend Javi turned 20 and became a growed-up today, and in celebration of his newfound manhood we ate a cupcake-cake the size of an obese toddler.

This was the biggest cupcake I could find that wasn't the size of a mini-van but it still PALES in comparison to Javi's. (Compensating, Javi?)

Oh and Javi's roommate bought this shirt from ThinkGeek that has a speaker in it. No shit, it seriously has a speaker so that you can just walk around projecting whatever noise you desire. It is truly the future in being publicly obnoxious.

Yeah, except the speaker looks like some kind of horrific growth in real life. And also, if you wear a t-shirt over it, which it seems like you'd want to to avoid being murdered by someone going "Seriously, who is playing the GODDAMNED POKEMON THEME?!" the speaker still juts out and makes it look like you've got a uni-boob.

Heh, uni-boob.

Classy blog is classy ;D Actually, the movie this is from, Kung Pow, is freaking hilarious, I strongly suggest you watch it, uni-boob and all.

Rapidly changing the subject, I have recently started skateboarding again, despite being born with a tragic lack of balance. It's really fun and I'm starting to get good at it again (and also start a wheeled posse of doom amongst my peers) but I can't shake this awkward feeling whenever I take the board out that I'm supposed to be sixteen and mad at my parents.

And look like this kid. (Shudder)

What else? Oh! At dinner in the ever-classy dining hall, we have various dinner stations, the main entree area, the grill, the veggie section, and so on. Then there's menu-tainement, which is supposed to do cool things with food every now and again. And what was tonight?




Yep. The Weiner Wonder Bar. I'll let that sink in.....WHAT THE EFFIN HELL?! There are roughly ten million less horrible ways to describe a hot dog bar. There I just did one, a hot dog bar, mild innuendo at best. But no, they had to go all the way (that's what she said) and go for the awkward gold with the Weiner Wonder Bar, which sounds so horrifying that even the gay man among us was like "ew"

This is the least viscerally horrifying picture existing on the internet that has the words "weiner" and "wonder" in it. Also, looking at it makes me giggle.

Yeah, it's that kind of blog tonight, put the kids to bed (wink). Wait, it's like two in the morning, what the hell are the kids doing up in the first place? I'm calling child services on you weirdos! All righty, I'll see you tomorrow if I survive the day (unlikely, I have Stats lab)

Master Tang: "I remember a long time ago, when a friend told me there would be a chosen one."
[intense flashback to a younger Tang talking to Master Doe]
Master Doe: "There will be a chosen one."
[back to the present scene]
Master Tang: "He then told me of the significance."
[ridiculous flashback again]
Master Doe: "...It will be significant." -Kung Pow: Enter The Fist

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  1. wow, that shirt has TWICE the potential-for-annoyance as say a purse maybe?...that u plug ur mp3 player into to play music thru speakers in the purse eh? also, remember that tried u tried to "teach" me to skateboard (which ended with pix of me hugging the board)? :)


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