Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We Are Back To Normal Now (Apart From The Whole Royal "We" Thing)

It's fun to refer to yourself in the plural! So...yeah, angsty blog had angst but I got a decent night's sleep for the first time in a while so I'm pretty sure I'm over it. Also for a change of pace, I'm blogging at not-1:30am. Man, it is grey as hell outside, I don't want to leave my room but I have work in a little over an hour. :( My pajammies are so comfy! (Yeah, that's right, it's a quarter to twelve on a Wednesday and I'm still in my pajamas, suck it, real world!)

My Batman boxers didn't come with a cape!! From now on, I demand a cape for all my sleepwear! (Goes into children's section at Walmart, is chased out by angry store people who haven't forgotten the time she organized store-wide hide and seek, or when she rode through on a skateboard, OR when she carried a coffeepot through the store, stroking it and calling it Jetta)

Yeah, Walmart kind of hates me. Though they've never thrown me out directly, like in high school, after one of the Pirates movies, me and a friend of mine went down the street from the theater to Winn Dixie and dueled each other to the death with tubes of gift wrap ending in our mutual demise. The employee-dude looked scared but was like "Seriously, get out." However, one place you can do pretty much ANYTHING in is Toys R Us. I literally had a tricycle lightsaber joust with the aforementioned friend from Winn Dixie (she was a bad influence on my formative years) while a bored employee watched. One day, I plan on having some kind of animal sacrifice ritual in there to see if that's what it takes to get thrown out (it's probably not).

"So, she came in with an army of irate weasels and starting tearing up the place...and you DIDN'T throw her out?"

So, not much else to report, Stats test, papers and waiting for the friggin' Scott Pilgrim trailer to come out already!!

This is Scott Pilgrim. It's an incredibly awesome graphic novel series that by all accounts is going to be an awesome movie butt I wouldn't know because even though it opens in August THERE IS NO TRAILER!!

Venting over. Oh yeah, it's also Saint Patrick's Day. Bummer, because of Stat Test O' Doom though. No celebrating my non-existent Irish roots for me. Time to go put real clothes and go eat some delicious dining hall food made of only the highest quality of radioactive materials. Yes, they don't skimp here! See you tomorrow after the death test.

Irish Blessing (According to the internet)
"May the Good Lord take a liking to you... but not too soon!"


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