Saturday, March 27, 2010


So I just got back from a long and arduous quest to Treasure Coast with Val and Zeke, which is a good deal less epic than it sounds. We were hunting down a jar of Manic Panic hair dye so I can return to the world of the unnaturally haired. After rummaging through a store full of Japanese whatnot and judging tiny scene kids and their amusing androgyny we found the Manic Panic in the most brightly lit Spencer's I have eve seen. Generally, Spencer's is a dark haven of lewd t-shirts and glow-in-the-dark sex toys shrouded in infinite shadows and such. This was bright, cheerful and...well, un-Spencer's-y. After that, we saw How To Train Your Dragon and it was AWESOME. I went in with no real expectations, just a desire to see dragons do dragon-things and I was blown away by how great this movie was. For reals. The dragons are like giant scaly cats with wings and that is wonderful.

I seriously want like, five of these little bastards. Geneticists, get on this shit. NOW.

The movie centers on the teenage Viking weenie Hiccup, played by Jay Baruchel of skinny-nerd fame. The plot is admittedly kind of tired. Hiccup is not like his Viking brethren, he's a shrimpy artist who uses his brain and thinks differently about things, much to the chagrin of his Viking-chief dad, played by Gerard Butler. Then Hiccup shoots down a Night Fury, the scariest mofo of the dragon world, only to find that they are freakin' adorable! It turns out that Hiccup gimpy-fied the dragon on accident and Toothless (the dragon) can't fly anymore, so Hiccup builds him a neato leather harness dealie and awesomeness ensues. First off, I normally am not too fond of 3D, it gives me eye-strain and usually doesn't seem worth the extra cash, the only movies that I thought really made the 3D worthwhile were Coraline and Avatar. But this movie just made the list with unbelievably beautiful flight scenes. During one high-speed scene I felt like waving my arms over my head and going "WHOOOOO!!!"

Like this, but on an adorable cat dragon racing through some cliffs!

As Hiccup learns more and more about the dragons, he questions his village's merciless killing of them, which culminates in his dad disowning him and a ginormous dragon and EXPLOSIONS OF DRAGON IMMOLATION!! In short, the plot covers no new ground, but the characters are intensely likable, the dragons are great and it is visually stunning with a wonderful score from John Powell that actually incorporates bagpipes in an awesome manner. Four flaming dragon-launched catapults out of five, easily.

Not too much else going on, can't find any latex gloves so it looks like late night hair dye isn't happening, which is a bummer but I will persevere! I just need a dragon plushie. Specifically a Toothless plushie. Now, please. C'mon who loves me the most? Prove your love!! Also, at the movie, a new trailer for the Last Airbender movie played, mostly old footage but with something new...Aang talks! (and sounds awful). Seriously, the girl playing Katara, while the trailer makes me doubt her acting skills, sounds like Katara to me. Aang just sounds every shade of wrong. Avatar fans (the cartoon, not the blue cat people) judge for yourself:


Ok, I'm over it. Not really. Sort of. Thinking of Scott Pilgrim instead. (filled with happy feelings!!)

Ok, time to go find latex gloves (there's something I never thought I'd say, much less type) see you tomorrow dudes and lady-dudes.

"I will avenge your beautiful hand, and your beautiful foot by killing a dragon, with MY FACE!" -Spitlout, How To Train Your Dragon

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