Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So Tuesday Was Actually Pretty Good....

Yeah how about that. Excluding the part where I didn't sleep again, Tuesday was pretty cool. This not sleeping thing is kind of becoming a growing problem though. I mean, if movies have taught me anything (and they've taught me mostly everything) when you stop sleeping, this happens:


(I was actually going to show a pic of the skeletally thin Christian Bale in this movie The Machinist, where he plays a man who hasn't slept in a year but the pictures are pretty freaky looking, so check it out at your own risk)

So yeah, went the dentist and rather than the usually bloody horror that occurs, the dentist actually, for the first time in my life, told me to keep up the good work and sent me on my way. Apparently my manic brushing/flossing/listerine-ing that I engaged in following four cavity fillings paid off. Cool.

This literally has nothing to do with anything but it involves dentistry and it's my favorite scene from this movie, Little Shop of Horrors:

Who knew Bill Murray could do a soprano? Anyway, I bummed around the house all day, made a birthday/comic thing for my dad's b-day tomorrow, for he will be obscenely old, and then me and my brother watched that Matt Damon movie, The Informant. It was pretty funny in that clever "I see what you did there" kind of way and I dug it, despite it being kind of hard to follow at times. Still, it deserved more press than it got and I give it three and a half catapults out of five for being way better than those ambiguous movie posters led me to believe:

Why, it's a about...the unbelievability of how happy geek Matt Damon is? Am I close?

One last order of business. You know those Progressive commercials with Flo the so-happy-she's-probably-doing-heavy-amounts-of-drugs insurance lady?

You know what's missing from those commercials? ME. (duh). They're running this contest to get Flo a helper for one of their commercials, and as humiliating myself for fun and profit is a hobby of mine, I gave it a shot. If you click the link below and view my colossal dorkiness, then you can help me win. Also, I will send you a live puppy (no I won't) or maybe even a picture of a puppy (that's also a lie). Still, click, watch and make me a slightly less bitter person. Do it for the children:


I am fully endorsed by the ghost of Bea Arthur...I should probably sleep now. See ya Wednesday as I get my write on (SugaryCynic was later punched in the boobs as punishment for her awful pun).

"I don't like wool on skin. Not even that merino wool they have at Marshall Field in Chicago. Ginger likes it because it's formfitting, but she likes avocados. And who wants that texture in their mouth?" -Matt Damon as Mark Whitacre, The Informant!

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