Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So here's the deal...

I have been thinking (no Beauty and Beast references this time, I promise), I think I am going to discontinue this whole theme day thing. There's no point in having it if I keep failing to deliver (mostly in the realm of comics, shameshameshame).


Anyway, the crux of it is that I am ending the theme days. If I write a comic or find a silly picture, you will see it, if I write, I will post it and if I have a shitty day you will most certainly hear about it :p However, I will still update every day and I will keep Music Monday and Sean Connery Movie Sunday because I want to and it's my blog and therefore it is my rules nyah and deal with it. On that note, this week's Music Monday is Stuff You Hate To Admit You Own. Oh yeah, now we're getting personal...and weirdly specific. I blame the fact that it's 2am, and also daylight savings time because there is NOTHING that cannot be blamed on the hellish ritual of "springing forward"

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time

A pact between Satan and the Disney corporation (and also Daylight Savings time)

Ok, ok, I'm done (for now). This week's Music Monday celebrates those songs on your I-pod or other less trendy mp3 players that you will never admit to owning and will only listen to alone in your room with the door locked and the shades drawn. For no one must know that you enjoy this awful awful song. And now I am going to tell you just what awful awful songs I listen to (DUN DUN DUN) because I am so free and open that way.

1. Walk Away By Kelly Clarkson. It is the belief of my friend Ashley, who is currently adventuring in the wilds of South Korea, that every girl has one Kelly Clarkson song that they like. Whether that is true or not...I have this one. It's my only one but I find it shameful nonetheless! It's just so damn catchy! And the video's so cute...ugh, what line do I get in to hand in my dignity?

2. King of Wishful Thinking By Go West. This one is mostly my brother's fault. He has a thing for cheesy eighties rock and introduced me to this song that he became obsessed with after a bad breakup. That's right, it's a cheesy "I won't be hurt by you again" upbeat eighties break-up song. It's also a hell of an earworm so listen at your own risk:

3. The Legend Comes To Life from Pokemon The Movie 2000. Ok, I know this one looks bad but it's also not my fault! (Honest!) See, a friend who I assume would want to rename nameless played me this really pretty song that sounded so familiar and then revealed it to be none of other than a POKEMON SONG. O.o not fair. Anyway, just listen to it and admit that if you didn't know where it was from, you'd be into it!

4. Any song by the OneUps. The OneUps remix and recreate video game music from our youth and turn it into actual music that if played in the background people generally wouldn't realize it was from Super Mario, except for the die-hard fan. You know what, screw you, I have no shame about this one, these guys are cool. This is one of my fave's because it mashes together Super Mario themes and Christmas music in a very sneaky fashion:

And the most embarrassing thing on my I-pod is...

5. Various songs from the Twilight Soundtrack. >.< No, please don't leave! Let me explain! I actually still have not bothered to watch what I assume is a festering pile of vampiric angst, but I saw that MuteMath, a favorite band of mine, had a song on there, so I had to at least LOOK. Well, not only did it have a kicking MuteMath song, it also had Muse, The Black Ghosts and selections of Carter Burwell's original score (and Carter Burwell is top-notch). So yeah, I own several songs off the Twilight Soundtrack, which has caused irreparable harm to soul, but made my ears happy. Full Moon is pretty damn awesome:

See? Well now you know the most horrendously embarrassing songs I enjoy. If you're feeling brave you can post your embarrassing songs (cuz, you know everyone posts so many comments ALL THE TIME ANYWAY. Hooray for passive aggression!)

See you tomorrow for whatever the hell may happen! Night!

"I don't know anything about music, In my line you don't have to." -Elvis Presley

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