Sunday, March 7, 2010

Silly Picture Saturday has become Star Trek Saturday!

At least for this one post. This is basically Thursday's post that never happened, on Saturday. So instead of a silly picture, you get a silly Star Trek comic. We all on the same page here? Good. To start off, let me explain that I am not in any way a trekkie. I don't think I could even qualify as a fan. I mean, I know what a vulcan is, and I've watched a couple episodes of the Star Trek series that had William Shatner because that man is ridiculously funny but that's kind of it.

Note to self: save for wig someday...

On the other hand, Abbie and Val are Star Trek fans. Where I see Captain Picard and think "holy crap. Professor X can walk!" they watch X-men and go "why the hell is Picard in a wheelchair?" Apparently Star Trek Voyager was the Star Trek of their youth and through the mystical powers of Netflix they are reliving the glory days of their nerdy, nerdy childhood, and bringing me along for the ride. Voyager follows the straship Voyager (dur) as they bang around the galaxy, lost as hell, generally investigating things that are none of their damn business and almost get them all killed. The cast is comprised of:

Captain Baby-voice

Bad-assed face-tattoo dude

Douchebag the pilot

Non-threatening Asian man

Angry ridged-forehead chick

The token psychic

This dude I know from Stargate Atlantis who always plays the lovable dick-head

Vulcan Barack Obama

...And this thing.

Also, Abbie keeps going on about some robot girl but she hasn't been introduced yet, so I don't care. So yeah, each episode revolves around them finding the danger-singularity and escaping on a technicality while standing to close to each other and saying innuendos so blatant I feel like some of them HAD to have been purposeful. Anyway, characters are developed, life-lessons are learned and douchebags get bitch slapped:

So when Abbie proclaimed how she wanted her own ship, the Starship Fucking Great-Ass Ship. I made a comic of me and my friends as the crew of said ship, having wacky adventures. Don't worry, I tested it on someone who knows none of my friends and knows as little about Star Trek as I do, and has never seen Voyager. He still giggled, therefore it's broad enough to be funny to all! Unfortunately, I used the home scanner instead of the school one, and home scanner is way more finnicky and annoying so the quality is way more iffy but still readable:

Star Trek: Fucking Great-Ass Ship page 1

Star Trek: Fucking Great-Ass Ship page 2

Bed time now, and your regularly scheduled Sean Connery movie tomorrow!

"We're Starfleet officers. Weird is part of the job." -Captain Janeway aka Captain Baby-voice

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  1. you don't understand!!! the effect preceded the cause! so by falling into the black hole, we cancelled out the black hole which means there is no black hole and therefore we never fell into the black hole

    it makes perfect sense.


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