Friday, March 26, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Trailer!! (Finally!)

Wheee! It's finally here and it looks awesome!! (even with that which is Michael Cera)

Can you feel the excitement? Because I am emanating it as HARD AS I CAN!

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World comes out August 16th and that is way too far away.

Ok, so it is past the midnight hour and I am hard at work on a paper/watching Bandslam, which is silly and filled with such cringe-inducing lines as "my school is Guantanamo with a lunch period" but overall it's cute and sadly one of the few movies you'll hear any ska music in these days. I miss The Specials, and also The Clash, even if they had their greatest hits before I was born. Is it possible to miss a band that stopped existing before you existed? Yes, SugaryCynicism, the only blog that dares to probe existential musical theory at 2 in the morning!

Guess who had coffee? (The answer is me) We also hunted for hair dye whilst on the coffee run (I went with others, I am not so weird as to use the royal "we"...yet) But every place that's open at twelve-thirty at night sells the same cheap-ass dye that made me into a pink-patched weirdo in the first place. And also WalMart doesn't carry colored hair dye! What's up with that? Is it their way of taking a stand against all the rebellious teenagers of the world? Is it revenge for all the times I've gone in, rode a show bike through the store and left? Bastards.

Anyway, just a short one tonight/this morning(?) Because I need to get this done so playing can commence tomorrow. We're all planning on seeing How To Train Your Dragon because...well because we like dragons. Do I need a deep, personal reason for wanting to see a cartoon dragon fuck some shit up? (On that note, I think I will review DragonHeart for Sean Connery Movie Sunday, now there's a film chock full of ridiculous...and singing Sean Connery'll see)

For now, I must peace out. Hey, you got a long-ass post for the last couple days so deal with it. Peace, love and the occasional ill-advised hook-up!

"It was like a Nuremberg rally produced by MTV" -Will Burton, Bandslam (seriously, movie? That is all kinds of awful)


  1. ...but you wouldn't go see Youth in Revolt with me?!!!

  2. Scott Pilgrim will be the best film ever. I would be willing to bet real money.

  3. Miss Trouble ;D: I hate Michael Cera, you know this. He is awkward personified, but that's perfect for Scott Pilgrim, so I will allow it.

    TheUnwashed: Hell yeah! If I had any money, I would bet it on this movie rocking the very foundations of awesome (and the 6th book's coming out in July!)


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