Monday, March 22, 2010

Music Monday with guest author JLust!

Good music.

Great music.

Now we've covered that, I'd like to introduce myself as JLust, guest author for today's Music Monday and current record holder of World's Oddest Taste in Music and Biggest Macaroni Sculpture of An R&B Singer From The 70's. I know what all of you readers are thinking, and to preemptively answer, yes, I am writing here today because The Sugary Cynic finally finished that time machine she's been working on!

You got TIME to PARTY?

So, without further ado, here is my Music Monday!

1. In & Out of Weeks by A.M. Architect. A.M. Architect is an electronica/hip-hop duo with jazz and ambient influences. In English that means they play pretty guitar music with the sounds of fizzle wizzles in the background. They're newest single is an absolute audio treat that couples together rich melodies with a stay-in-your-head-all-day-god-make-it-stop catchiness that most musicians in this genre lack. This song is a free download and should absolutely not be tossed aside by people who are frightened of the words electronica, distorted, and architect.

In & Out Of Weeks by A.M Architect

2. Osaka Loop Line by Discovery. It's Vampire Weekend with synth and nonsense lyrics about Japan and heartbreak. Perfect :')

3. Truth ft. Passion Pit by Chiddy Bang. The fact that this is a rap song that has a Passion Pit sample should make most people be fumbling to pull up they're pants at this point. Chiddy Bang is a four piece hip-hop band that utilizes smooth samples, strong lyrics with a wonderful lack of crappy rap cliches, and a unique psuedo-electronic sound that still rocks a mean kick drum. This track really shines because of great sample and clever flow that vocalist Chidera “Proto” Anamege seems to bring along to every song. With rarely a weak song, this entire mixtape is eargasmic and must be found as soon as possible.

4. The Winner by Drake. Ignoring Drake is like ignoring a magical wizard that can shoot million dollar bills out of his butt, not only is it impossible to look away from, it's just a magical sight. I'm not a big fan of mainstreamish rap, but Drake rips it up on this track and "Tha Bizness" (he probably has a vendetta against spelling) produces a very pleasant and different beat unlike most Drake songs. So dig this until Drake's album drops, which will probably be in 2038.

5. Beat Laments The World by Nujabes. Most people will say that Nujabes makes instrumental jazzy hip-hop, but I say that he makes some of the most honest, powerful, and soulful music ever created. Nujabes was a Japanese producer who sadly passed away in late February of this year, his death being a terrible loss in the hip-hop community. But, his legacy lives on through songs like this and the spread of his music. Ignore everything else and just listen to this song :D R.I.P. Nujabes, my musical idol.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my eclectic music tastes and hi-larious remarks! Until next time!

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