Monday, March 8, 2010

Music Monday: Songs I Love By Bands I Hate

My rockin' Spring Break so far: insomnia, daytime television and getting a haircut...wheee. When are the pirates coming to whisk me away on a magical adventure? Prolly missed the bus again...lazy fucks. Oh well, until my wondrous and exciting pirate adventure happens, here's this week's Music Monday: Songs I Love By Bands I Hate. Ever had a band you couldn't stand, one whose music made your teeth grind and your hair stand on end? And then you hear this awesome song that you love and...IT'S BY THAT SAME AWFUL BAND! The horror! Thankfully, you're not alone:

1. Vampire Weekend. Although to be fair it's more like a love/hate thing with these guys. I think they're smug, pretentious assholes and their bad songs are BAD. But despite all my good sense I really like Horchata, Ladies of Cambridge, Cousins, Campus, Masnard Roof and the one catchy-ass song that I still CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO AAGGH! ...A-punk:

2. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I know, I know, everyone says they're the epitome of musical brilliance blah blah blah. I can't stand them. Karen O's voice makes me want to hurt people and the noises they produce irritate me to no end. That said, they do a cover of Sheena Is A Punk Rocker by The Ramones and I freaking love it. Go figure:

3. Tom Gabel/Against Me!. Not for any particularly hateful reason as the first two, just not a fan of incessant yelling. However, on Tom Gabel's solo album, Heart Burns, he does a song called Anna Is A Stool Pigeon, which chronicles the ill-fated love of a protester-anarchist and Fed informant. It makes me smile every time I hear it:

4. Say Anything. Whiny Emo Bastard. There, I said it. Max Bemis and Co.'s songs frequently make me want to strangle them while screaming "ENOUGH ALREADY!" However, That Is Why, which sounds nothing like them, is one of the most addictively awesome songs I have ever heard (Curse you Bemis!) For some reason it cannot be found anywhere on Youtube, but you can listen to it here:

Grooveshark is pretty cool

5. James Blunt. Though admittedly not quite as relevant now, when You're Beautiful was clogging the airwaves, every time I heard it I had to stifle the urge to find James Blunt and bludgeon him into a coma so he wouldn't be able to make music. I feel this way about pretty much every other thing he has created except No Bravery, which makes me...well...tear up. Dammit, James Blunt! It's a gut-wrencher:

...Yeah. Here's a picture of a puppy!

So there you have it, five songs I absolutely love from five bands/songwriters I absolutely hate! See you tomorrow for Terrible Tuesday. "But SugaryCynic," you may ask, "How will it be a Terrible Tuesday if you are off school?" The answer is quite simple: Dentist Appointment. I will fill you in on the fear, the pain and the bleeding gums manyana. Night!

"How am I supposed to pretend/I never want to see you again" -Campus, Vampire Weekend

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  1. hey! it's spelled mañana! you have to have the squigily n. :P


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