Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's A Christmas Miracle!

...Except not really!

Close enough though, as I am posting this before the nighttime hours. I'm currently sitting at work, which I should have left by now, but will be here at least another hour recording Fiesta Maya footage onto four separate discs. Woe is I. So I brought my baby 'puter so I could do some homework while my discs record...or do a post (Procrastination would be my middle name if it weren't already danger). Also, I have recently come to the conclusion that I type these posts the way Eddie Izzard talks when he does stand-up, puncutating every other sentence with "so yeah", full of random digressions and occasionally heavily focused on Sean Connery:

Except, you know, he's funny (and in drag). CURSE YOU, EDDIE IZZARD!! BUT NOT REALLY BECAUSE YOU ARE MY FAVORITE BRITISH TRANSVESTITE COMEDIAN! (Cuz that's such a huge field of comedians). Seriously, I would give a finger to see him perform, the pinky though, because I kind of need the other ones...unless it was replaced with a laser finger! Except then using the bathroom would be an exercise in extreme peril. Let's end this train of thought before it gets any weirder...

So last night was spent kicking ass in Scene It (except Arlene won in the end and I was shamed), and working on the greatest Statistics project EVER. It was to do a survey or experiment or obervational study. Me and my project partner, Erin? We're watching Quentin Tarantino movies and counting the expletives. We randomly selected our sample of movies from his repertoire, then picked a random group of ten 5-minute segments, and then sat back and watched the fucks, shits and various other colorful terms fly through the air. I think my Stats professor may have been heavily medicated when she agreed to let us do a report on this. Not that I'm complaining.

Now 80% more statistically relevant!

Anywhoo, there's not too much going down apart from schoolwork as we near the end of the year. Whose idea was it to have Spring and finals coincide? It's a time when college-age folks are antsy, restless and prone to start humping things without consent, and instead of unrestricted pelvic thrusting, we have to lock ourselves inside, ignore the gorgeous weather and STUDY. And this is Florida for God's sake! We get like, maybe two weeks of beautiful, lounging-outside-weather before this happens:

Higher-learning can suck sometimes. And by sometimes I mean usually. And by usually I mean GET ME OUT OF THIS OFFICE I'VE HAD TO WATCH THIS FIESTA MAYA VIDEO SIX TIMES AND THERE'S STILL MORE DISCS TO MAKE!!

(Deep breath)

Is it summer yet?

"I was kind of excited about going to jail the first time and I learned some great dialogue" -Quentin Tarantino

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