Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Writing Wednesday (it's Wednesday, right?)

I am losing track of time. Like whoah. It's weird because even in Freshman year when I was all "zomg! the world of college is strange and frightening to me! Why is that man not wearing pants!?" I didn't have this balancing act issue I've been having this semester. I feel like I always have a horribly pressing deadline, like I'm always behind on something and rushing to pick up the slack and as a result the quality of my work turns to shit. I'm a junior for fuck's sake, I shouldn't be having these issues til thesis next year (fork of lightning followed by an ominous crack of thunder)....ok, I better stop before I start going all "livejournal" on you ;D

Anyway, things of note: Hollywood has been spying on me again, and before you say "paranoid delusion" how else do you explain the new movie "When You're Strange" which features rare, formerly unseen footage of The Doors and Jim Morrison, and is narrated by Johnny Depp? That's what I thought. But hey, if spying on me makes movies of my favorite things, by all means continue! (And hopefully we'll soon see a movie where Iron Man and Wolverine fall madly in love and fight a robot Kraken.)

"Logan, you make me want to be a better man"

"Bub, you melt my adamantium heart,"

"Now let's go kill that thing there!"

Don't act like you don't want it.

Also, the take-out cups in the dining hall have LIDS again!! You have no idea how exciting this is!! LIDS!! If you've ever suffered the infinite joys of "coffee crotch" then you understand.

All that stands between you and a lap full of third-degree hazelnut-mocha burns

I suppose I should get to the "writing" part of Writing Wednesday, or just rename it Ramblin' Wednesday, though that name would imply a significantly lower IQ and the loss of several teeth. Writing Wednesday it is. For your viewing pleasure today we have another poem, because I don't have the free time to write anything significantly longer:

I Dreamt The Moon

I dreamt one night the moon came down
From its perch high in the sky

I dreamt the moon, he was a man
In a mad, silvery cape of stars

I dreamt for hours that we danced
Swirling twirling across the darkness

I dreamt we were lit up from the inside, a mirror shining out
He held me close and whispered night sounds in my ear

I dreamt he vanished and I fell to earth
Landing softly on a bed of grass

Now the morning sun snakes its way down my back
And I dream we will dance again

Inspired by I dunno, stuff. Unfortunately there is not a fascinating story behind everything I do. So instead I am going to lie and say that me and Sean Connery were traversing the Gobi Desert on a dare when suddenly we were kidnapped by angry Mongol hordes. Their plan was to keep us as slaves and the chief wanted Sean as his personal concubine, (I think he had a thing for Scots). So I asked if there was anyway we could go free and the head warlord dude told me (it's a good thing I took intro to Mongolian in middle school) that if I could write poetry that could move him to tears he would free us. So I wrote this poem and the warlord listened to it, his eyes growing wide...because while I had distracted him with poetry, Sean had escaped and bashed him upside the head with a wok. Cause woks are handy like that. The End.

See you tomorrow with a comic, for now I must go fret and occasionally be productive.

Iron Man: "Look, Logan, this...this is wrong,"
Wolverine: "Tony, there ain't nothing wrong with a battle against giant robot Krakens bringing two heroes together...besides, Chuck and the X-men are out at a peace summit"
Iron Man: ".......I'll call Jarvis and tell him not to wait up"
-Robert Downey Jr. and Hugh Jackman, "Iron Man and Wolverine vs. The Kraken: A Love Story"

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