Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Terrible Tuesday (murrrr)

Terrible Tuesday is terrible. So tired, so much crap left to do, so much time wasted playing Sporcle (which is, unfortunately, not nearly as dirty as it sounds). Buuuuhhhhh....I need to to do real work and then pass out. Also I am craving Ramen right now. Isn't that just friggin ridiculous? Way to be a college stereotype. But my body desires saaaallllt!!! ok when that sort of spelling starts happening, I know it's time to stop. Sorry for the small-ass post (as opposed to the regular-ass post) but at least I am still updating every day! (sticks tongue out at brenda). I leave you to contemplate this picture of a Mr. T sock monkey. Rest assured, he pities the fool.

"!" -Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and Drew Carey on Whose Line Is It Anyway


  1. Actually, I never promised a daily posting schedule. My goal is to compete weekly in a contest and keep up with whatever I'm shooting. I'm not deranged enough to think I can post daily. But thanks for calling attention to me. :D

  2. oh no, I didn't mean like that, I mean on my first post when you were like "daily posting cannot be done!" and i was all "i can do it!!" i think they were robots present as well...also i'll put your blog title in next time :D

  3. You'd better. No one knows it exists. ;)
    Also, it does not email me when you reply to my comments on your blog.


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