Sunday, February 21, 2010

Silly Picture Saturday

You know the drill by now, it's Saturday until I say it's not Saturday, 1:30 in the morning notwithstanding. I just got back from seeing Shutter Island and can say with certainty that I am never ever sleeping soundly again ever. I mean damn. I'd review it but I feel like I couldn't without spoiling the myriad of twists this movie takes. I know they say that about every psychological thriller but this one really and truly fucks with your head. And also scares the pee out of you. The cinematography is beautiful, the musical score is stunning and the acting is top-notch. And I never want to see it again. That's how much it disturbed me. So go see it, but know what you're in for going in. Three catapults out of five for mind-fucking me with terror.

On that note, let's have our silly picture:

This one's from awhile back (I use that term with infinite looseness) before I was a pink-haired harlot. The reason I am beside myself with glee is because I just hit a gong in a church and I feel as though few people can make such claims. It was also my first time in a church, not counting this one time Jon showed me the stained glass windows in his church but it was it closed at the time so I don't really count it. Anyways, since I have never been to a wedding and am of a fairly atheist bent, I had never been in a church whilst it was doing churchy things.

So my friend Val offered to us (us being me and various others) the opportunity to help her babysit some munchkins during a service thingamabob for an easy buck. We did and I got to watch VeggieTales for the first time, and it was actually an episode that parodied the third Indiana Jones movie so that worked out nicely. Also I met little kids with names like Steel and Hawk and man I am totally going to give my kids names like that. They will be tiny badasses. Anyway after a certain amount of time we were supposed to shepherd them (Jesus pun!) to the auditorium or whatever you call it so they could stand on stage and sing some song they'd been practicing. They did and it was fairly cute but all I could notice was that among all the other instruments on stage was A FREAKING GONG. I don't know when they use the gong, but they didn't then. Do all churches use gongs? Is this a thing I'm just out of the loop on?

"Let us now recite The Lord's Prayer" GOOOOOOONG!!

Anyway, I wouldn't shut up about the gong and proceeded to drive my friends nuts throughout the service:

"Can I-"


"You didn't know what I was going to ask!"

"You were going to ask to hit the gong on stage."

"I....well can I?"


And so forth. Finally, as Val's dad gave us a tour of the church, which was new or something, we came up to the stage and I gave my best wounded puppy look and inquired as to whether or not I could possibly strike a certain Eastern musical instrument.

And he was totally cool with it. Score! So I gonged the crap out of it and all was right with the world. And since my friends are weirdos, they took a picture. There you have it, the story of the church gong. Tell you friends. I'll see you tomorrow with a Sean Connery movie, but for now I am going to pass out and try really hard not to dream about island mental hospitals.

"Hey baby, why are you wet?" -Ben Kingsley as Dr. Cawley. Best out-of-context line EVER.

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  1. ^_^ yesss. Dad also sent a giant bar of Hershey's chocolate with almonds back with us


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