Saturday, February 27, 2010

Silly (Astoundingly so) Picture Saturday

How's it hanging? Really, that low? Well how are the kids? You sold them for how much? Damn. Me? I got a snappy new hat and a batman shirt fo' cheap! ^_^ there is really few things better than your cashier saying "you saved forty-one dollars today!" AWESOME. After that, we went out to John Smith's Subs where I had a yummy steak sub...and then we went next door to Publix where I threw it all up. Yaaaay. Classy blog is classy.

Anywhoo, not too much to report on today, especially after last night's blogobonanza of pictures and random whatnot. My new hat is awesome and I wear it at a jaunty angle and...yeah, I'm stalling on the picture. Building the anticipation, stirring the pot of suspense, folding the sheets of- hey! Did you just scroll down and look?! Jerk. Ok, fine here it is, possibly the greatest non-sequitur ever to be contained in picture form:


I have not the faintest idea of the context behind this picture, nor do I want to. It is much more interesting too contemplate the questions it raises on my own. Like, what does Sean Connery find so funny? Is it the GIANT WOODEN FISH in Johnny Depp's hands? Why is Johnny holding a large wooden fish? Is it some kind of lifetime fish achievement award? Did he beat Sean Connery in a seafood-eating contest?

And why does Johnny Depp look less than pleased with his wooden fish and whatever Sean finds so amusing? Did he just tell a corny joke? Like "Well Johnny, I suppose that plaque makes things "Official". Hahhaha, get it? O-fish-al! Hahaha!" and Johnny's all "Heh yeah, Sean...I get it. I also got it the first twenty times you said it."

I invite, nay, URGE, everyone who reads this blog to leave a comment with what you think they might be saying to each other. The person I consider funniest gets a special prize (no they don't), which might be a cookie! (no it's not). That's all for now, come back tomorrow for the Sean Connery movie review. I'm out, because it's brownie time and that takes precedence over most everything else in my life. See ya laters!

"I would do anything Tim [Burton] wanted me to. You know - have sex with an aardvark... I would do it." -Johnny Depp (I am not making this up, go check it yourself)


  1. Connery is explaining in detail the makeup Johnny will be wearing for Alice in Wonderland.

    Hello from the future.

  2. I command you to stop combing through the embarrassment that is my early archives!


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