Monday, February 15, 2010

Music Monday: This week, indie!

Sup bitches, it's (as of one day ago) time for Music Monday! Today's musical theme, which I decided on twelve seconds ago, is Indie music!

1. The Love Language. They are extremely lo-fi which is charming and all but makes some of their songs headache-inducing. The ones that aren't though, are fantasticly awesome. For example Lalita, which along with a kick-ass hook has great lyrics. It's mad catchy and I have a tendency to hop up and down like I'm brain-damaged when I hear it: (copy and paste it and then select Lalita, I can't figure out how to make it clickable, someone help me!!)

2. Shout Out Louds. I feel embarrassed that I first heard them while watching Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. That is a lame way to discover a band but oh well, the important thing is that they are Swedish and they rock. They're pretty mellow (even for an indie band) and good chillin music (as opposed to chilling music, which is what they play before jump scares in horror movies). Oh Sweetheart and Please Please Please are great songs but unfortunately for my dignity, my favorite is still Very Loud, from the Nick and Norah movie >.< :

3. Takka Takka. Same kind of mellowness as Shout Out Louds, the singer can be a little whiny at times but the music is good to drive to. That sounds kind of weird but I do a lot of driving from school to home and such and these guys are just pleasant to drive to (go figure). Also, apparently they were in Nick and Norah too, BUT I found about them in a way unrelated to the movie so I feel slightly better about myself. I'd say go to either Fever or Coco On the Corner, they're both really good:

4. Bishop Allen aka my favoritest band ever that isn't The Clash. They pretty much are just awesome, their songs alternate from loud and kick-ass like Middle Management and Another Wasted Night which also make you prone to jumping up and down to very quiet and sweet like Butterfly Night and Chinatown Bus which make me feel weirdly nostalgic, if one can be nostalgic at 20. I can't even recommend just a few songs, I have yet to hear one by them I haven't liked:

5. Voxtrot. My newest discovery, they have a lot of the same lo-fi tendencies as The Love Language, but much fuzzy and discordant-sounding which is good because less headaches are always a good thing. Mostly, I like these guys so far for the music, their piano is awesome, but the singer's voice gets on my nerves kind of. He just is really high pitched and pronounces things weird. Not like foreign accent weird, something else I can't put my finger on...whatevs, they're still worth checking out for sure. I'd recommend The Start of Something:

Ok...back to work :( next stop, Terrible Tuesday (wheeeee)

"We've got one more to go, but the last one was a mistake/I'd pour you another but I think I heard the bottle break on your bedroom door/And we'll count the hours awake, cuz I see no sense in sleeping, only to wake up much too late" -The Love Language, Lalita


  1. OMG I did not know about grooveshark until now, this is AMAZING!! :D listening to The love language at the moment and I like it! I'll get to the rest as I plow through the night working on cell bio X(.

    sorry if I went a bit mad on with the vampires and werewolves, you asked for a discussion, so I did, with myself lol.

  2. only you could promote such discussion...with yourself

  3. hahaha, did you add more bands to this post recently? I remember there only being 3 when I posted about it...

    btw, currently listening to shout out louds, I'm loving the music, but something about the singer just isn't as good... oh well, still awesome!

  4. ah, btw seagull is AMAZING! but that may be because I was on a FB break while listening instead of working on Cell Bio.


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