Friday, February 19, 2010

Friggin' Random Friday: drabbles, a joke and a movie

Hello, internet! How are you? I personally am feeling pretty chill. I have now been blogging for a week and dork that I am I find that pretty cool. Happy one week anniversary to me. :D

Fuck yeah, now THAT'S a cake!

Random End-Of-Week Thoughts

In Statistics yesterday, my adorably tiny Estonian professor had us flip coins to show that random events, when there are enough of them, tend to have normal distribution. (hooray for college!) anyway, she instructed, in her squeaky Estonian voice, to "Count how many times you get head as opposed to when you get tail" It was the fact that she looked so innocently ignorant of why people were giggling that made it so much funnier. I have learned that I am not mature enough to be a Statician. oh darn.

This right here, this is as sexy as Statistics gets

There's this senior girl Jennifer who every time she sees me she calls me Tonks, not because I'm an auror who can give myself a pig nose but because my hair is a mottled pink-purple right now.

Yeah that's me...just minus the eyebrow piercing...and my hair's a little longer...and I'm not nearly as awesome...

Anyway I'm totally cool with being called Tonks because I'm a huge Harry Potter fangirl and Tonks is bitching but I have the sneaking suspicion that she's doing it because, despite the fact that I'm really good friends with one of her really good friends, she has no clue what my actual name is. :p Still, if everyone called me Tonks, I'd be pretty ok with it. (and by pretty ok I mean hell yeah call me that)

Also, I got new roommates this semester because there was a room reshuffle due to many people taking off on study abroad and whatnot. Anyways, I got lucky and ended up with three awesome Senior girls who think my favorite prank of drawing theme dicks on the desktops of people who leave their computers on and doors unlocked is hilarious. One of them, Laura was all excited one random night at about 1:30am to tell me her favorite joke, which I re-tell here, trying to emphasize they way she told it as much as possible:

"Ok so there's this guy driving around in Alaska, right? I dunno why but he's driving through Alaska when suddenly there's this huge blizzard! And his car breaks down. So he calls Triple A or whatever the hell they have in Alaska, Alaskan Triple A. And you have to just picture him waiting out in the snow in the middle of fucking Alaska. Then the tow guy shows up and he checks out the car and says: (deep voice) "Man, it looks like you blew a seal!" and the guy says "Nah, it's just some frost on my mustache."

Finally, despite being a giant movie geek, I don't usually pay too much attention to the Oscars. This year is no different, we already know that Avatar will sweep every technical award (which it deserves to) and many other ones (which it doesn't) and that if Christolph Waltz doesn't get best supporting actor for the delightful scumfuck he played in Inglourious Basterds then there is no God and that Up, despite being tear-jerkingly amazing, is snubbed from Best Picture because it's (for shame!) animated. However, one of the other movies up for best animated picture caught my eye becaue it wasn't Princess and the Frog or some other crap, it was one I'd never heard of called The Secret of Kells, made in Ireland and not even fully released yet, it's art is super-stylized and cool looking and the trailer literally gave me goosebumps:

Now that looks cool. It claims to be coming to U.S. theaters in March but I imagine I'll have to get ahold of it online. When you consider the legwork that was involved in seeing Imginarium of Doctor Parnassus, I doubt this one's going to be coming to my town anytime soon :(

All righty, I'm peacing out for the day but I'll see you tomorrow with a ridiculous picture and an equally ridiculous story to go along with it. Until then, try not to blow anymore seals.

"Ah well . . . wand still in your jeans? Both buttocks still on? Okay, let's go. Locomotor Trunk."
- Nymphadora Tonks

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